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what is thumbs?
thumbs is (yet another) script to generate photo albuns. there are a lot of options available and it's easy to use. thumbs is written in bash script and uses imagemagick (check requirements section). thumbs currently only run in Linux (well, we actually didn't tested in other platform).

svn Se voce quer tentar as versoes de desenvolvimento ou acompanhar, voce pode acessar o servidor svn

thumbs currently can:
to run thumbs (the lastest version) you'll need:
download the latest version
Last stable version: 0.65 [md5sum] [sig] [changelog]
Last development version: 1.0 alpha 2

previous versions
here is an example of thumbs in action
here is a sample 'comments' file.

thumbs! is now distributed under GNU GPL license. previous versions still have the same license: none :)

wanna help?
great! there's a lot of things to do! you may help making traduction of thumbs or this page to your language, make thumbs more beautiful, adding features, etc. just send a mail to thumbs@cathedrallabs.org!

making cds
if you want to make a cd to distribute a set of pictures, here's a tip:
this will make windozes directly open the browser in index.html file avoiding phone calls from those relatives that doesn't know anything about computers and just want to see the pictures :)

if you have a sony cybershot camera you may want try to use cyber. as sony has two "marks" in camera that is totaly useless for me (locked that makes photo read-only and "printer mark" that probably makes windows software print photos automatically) i decided to make it useful in some way: you may have 3 different "collections" of pictures. example of use: you're taking pictures in your trip. some of those pictures you will make public but some you won't for any reason. so you mark the "private" pictures read-only or with printer mark and cyber will separate those pics in two different collections and later run thumbs for each one.
download cyber here (0.99)
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